Something Old, Something New: Wedding Cakes For 2012

Wedding cakes are now as much an expression of personal style as the dress or the venue. And just as a non-traditional style of dress or venue can make a very memorable day for your guests, a tasty cake with beautiful decorative details is sure to be a great centrepiece to the festivities. Let’s look at some popular contemporary styles... 
Your wedding centrepiece could be fit for the royal court of France in the 18th century. Roccoco styles cakes signify decadence and a tongue-in-cheek reference to a doomed queen (Marie Antoinette) who is said to have declared: “let them eat cake!”  The French Revolution aside, rococo style is remembered for its playfulness and obsession with gold leaf. If your wedding is no-expenses-spared, you might have found your match in pastry. 
Paisley is set to be a huge trend for spring and summer 2012. The curvy-teardrop design is actually  a fruit or vegetable motif (mango? Aubergine? Pear?) that originates from Iran and India. Fashion designers like Stella McCartney used it extensively in their collections this season. Contemporary cake molds in India are regularly made in the shape of paisley motif itself. 
The ‘croquembouche’ is a French wedding tradition. It’s made out of soft cream-filled pastry that’s drizzled together with chocolate and caramel. It can be decorated with sugared almonds, flowers or macarons. It was invented by the 18th century French chef Carême, who is considered to be one of the first ‘celebrity chefs’. In France it is also served at other life ‘milestones’ like christenings and communions. 
You could have a go at these styles yourself. Perhaps you might take a cake decorating class or pick up a magazine which shows you how to make these creations for yourself. Remember to plan in advance, and above all, to have fun. 
Check out our gallery below:
A Roccoco Wedding Cake
A Paisley Wedding Cake
A Croquembouche Wedding Centerpiece

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