Speech tip: check the Mike !

You'll be reading from a full script, so you'll need both hands available throughout your speech. One hand will be holding the paper, the other will need to be free for page-turning, gestures, water-sipping, toasting or – should you insult the wrong guy – self-defence.

It's almost essential, therefore, to ensure that you have a free-standing microphone. I prefer a table-stand, but any mike-stand will do. You'll have to arrange for this in advance. Don't trust it to luck and don't believe people who tell you to leave it all to them ... it's your responsibility ... you are the one who'll look awkward if things are not right.

Don't test the mike by blowing on it or saying;'One, two, one, two!' ... if you do, I'll come over there and knock your bloody block off myself Right?
Just tap the mike gently to make sure it's working. If it's not, get someone to switch it on.

Speak from the table if you can, not from the stage. The stage becomes barrier between you and the audience, and interferes with that special, intimate relationship. Instead of speaking as part of the crowd, platform or dance floor makes it a case of 'us and them' and you get the results your material deserves.
you speak, speak loudly, speak clearly and speak with

After all, you can afford to speak with confidence when material is strong, and it will be ... stick around.

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