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Top Dos and Don'ts for the Night Before Your Wedding

Top Dos and Don'ts for the Night Before Your Wedding

The night before your big day will feel like its very own rollercoaster as months of planning and emotions culminate into a few hours. It will be around now that last minute worries start to appear and forgotten ceremony details raise their heads. Your last night as an unmarried woman should a mixture of fun and relaxation not a bag full of unwanted nerves and box ticking. Use the following list as a guide for this special night.

DO eat well

Keep next day bloating at bay by sticking to healthy foods the night before. Starchy, stodgy foods such as junk food, salty foods and lots of dairy products will make you feel tired and sluggish. Be cautious and stick to light, fresh foods like salads and fruits.

DON’T reach for the bottle

It can be easy to lose track of your intake once friends and family come over to offer their support. The last thing you want is to feel rubbish during the ceremony with a headache and a dry mouth. Be sensible with your liquids – you will thank yourself the next day!

DO talk candidly

After a good open talk with friends, you will probably find that your pre-wedding jitters will start to slip away. It can be easy to close up and avoid the tough subjects when trying to stay in control but letting everything out can be a very therapeutic experience.

DON’T watch a film with a sad ending!

You wouldn’t want to watch a sad movie during a date so why watch one the night before your wedding? Although a good horror film can be more funny than scary, there are plenty of films out there, such as Blue Valentine and Revolutionary Road which documents the downward spiral of a once happy couple.

DON’T worry!

Obviously this point is easier said than done but it is important not to lose sight of why you are getting married in the first place. Although lists and costs may be in the back of your mind, try to keep everything in proportion. Think of your wedding as a mere start to the long, exciting journey ahead.

DO talk to your partner

Contrary to what some may say, there isn’t some unwritten rule which says that you can’t talk to your other half before your wedding. Even if you are both with loved ones in separate places, taking the time to chat for a few minutes on the phone can be enough to say a few words before you both take the plunge.

DON’T forget to take your makeup off

Wake up feeling bright and refreshed with a clean face in the morning. You may be slightly preoccupied the night before with last minute plans but try not to forget your usual beauty routine. Makeup left on the face overnight can make the skin feel heavy, clogged and puffy. Treat yourself to a relaxing face mask with friends or pamper yourself with a long soak in the bath.

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