Top 10 Sexy Brides

A Ranking Edited in April 2008

This ranking of the Top 10 Sexy Brides is based on publicly available wedding pictures of the brides. While the oldest wedding recorded here occurred in as recently as 1999 (Victoria Beckham's), some of the brides have been divorced from their spouses listed here, as indicated in their respective entries.

1 Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torreswhen renewing her vows to Marc Anthony on 7 December 2002 Having won the Miss Universe in 1993, Dayanara Torres married Marc Anthony, Latin-turned-Salsa singer and songwriter, seven years later, on 9 May 2000, in Las Vegas. Two years later, they renewed their vows in Puerto Rico. But the marriage didn't last. In 2004 they were divorced.

Divorce apart, Torres proved her sexy appeal in this wedding renewal, in a white satin dress by Reem Acra. With the dress' straps lowered to the sides, exposing her proportionately boned shoulders, she was simply one jaw-dropping, sexy bride. So sexy, she's earned the first place on this list.

2 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidmanwhen marrying Keith Urban on 25 June 2006 After her marriage to Tom Cruise ended, Nicole Kidman found another soul mate in Keith Urban, and married him.
Although she choreographed this wedding to be an over-zealously guarded one, she was captured in this picture seconds after jumping

in to the Rolls Royce that would take her to the church (right picture). From this angle, we can see how sexy her wedding dress actually was, as opposed to the misleadingly conventional, conservative look in the official photo released to the press (left picture).

Despite the traditional tulle veil flowing down and covering almost her entire torso, this unorthodox design of one-sided strapped and sleeved princesssilhouette, organza gown—by France-based designer Nicolas Ghesquiere—exposed the unobtrusive Kidman to a chilling image of a sexy princess. She's the second sexiest bride on this list.

3 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anistonwhen marrying Brad Pitt on 29 July 2000. The wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt soared so high that to some people it reached the status of a wedding legend. Unfortunately for their fans, their separation, and ultimately divorce in 2005, was a painfully excruciating process, especially to her.

Legendary for her charming and sweet facial looks, Jennifer Aniston turned out to be a sexy bride as well.

n this classic-made, black-and-white photo, supposedly to be the only official wedding picture released by the couple, Aniston was unmistakably sexy in that bust-tight, sleeveless wedding dress. Thanks to Lawrence Steele, Milan-based American designer, the bride Aniston exuded a unique aura of a combination of pronely spoiled, almost careless modern day Americanism with a grand, mature, almost religious persona.

She is this list's third sexiest bride.

4 Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurleywhen marrying Arun Nayar on 2 March 2007
The second most recent wedding on this list, Elizabeth Hurley's was an inter-continental one. She and Arun Nayar, an Indian businessman, first held a ceremony at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England.

Ten days later, they had a Hindu ceremony in Jodhpur, India. Never without some amount of elegance, she was walking down the wedding aisle in this picture, to be witnessed as a sexy bride as well.

The low neckline combined with thin straps provided her with a dress that invited murmurs of wonder at her sexy upper body part.

Flowing ruffles underneath were galore, accentuating the already sexily exposed bust and a living proof of clever design by Versace. In this exquisite gown, she's the fourth sexiest bride on this list.

5 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoriawhen marrying Tony Parker on 6 July 2007
The most recent wedding on this list, Eva Longoria's was fabulous as well as exotic. Marrying Tony Parker, NBA's San Antonio Spurs' point guard, in France—Parker's home country—she spent one full week there prior to the wedding day as a “warm-up” session, Parker beside her at all times.

Clothed in this pinkish wedding dress—which was designed by Chanel and, without knowing the occasion, would be mistaken for a casual summer or tropical outfit—she was one sexy, desperate bride on a mission. According to media reports, this dress was actually one of many which were purportedly specially ordered and worn a piece a day during the course of a series of events of her French wedding days.

Stories of extravagant outfits notwithstanding, she's secured the spot of this list's fifth sexiest bride.

6 Natalie Imbruglia

natalie imbruglia bridewhen marrying Daniel Johns on 31 December 2003
In a romantic Australian beach wedding, Natalie Imbruglia was a romantic bride, in a Monique Lhuillier's dress, exchanging vows with his newly wed Daniel Johns, vocalist and guitarist of Silverchair.

But their romance could only go so far when they released a joint statement, in January 2008, heralding their divorce.

Divorcing she is, Imbruglia was nonetheless a sexy bride, too. n this official picture of her wedding to Johns, she somehow transcended her romantic image into a sexy one. Perhaps it was the winded palm leaves in the background, or her tight caress against Johns' chest, that aroused this sexy image.

But whatever it was, few would argue she was a sexy bride. Her rank is number 6 on this list.

7 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckhamwhen marrying David Beckham on 4 July 1999
The oldest wedding on this list, Victoria Beckham's was royal-like, albeit very private. Her holy matrimony with David Beckham, world-famous football midfielder, was sanctioned at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland, by the Bishop of Cork.

Donning a small crown, she posed an elegant posture of marrying a dream prince. Intricately shadowed to this elegance, her Vera Wang designed dress exuberantly told of parts of a sexy body.

To complete this image of elegant and sexy princess, the dress was in sparkling champagne colour, matching perfectly with her exposed, tanned skin. She is the seventh sexiest bride on this list.

8 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavignewhen marrying Deryck Whibley on 15 July 2006 Less than three months shy from her 22nd birthday, Canadian-born singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley—guitarist, lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of Sum 41—in a Catholic ceremony in California.

er wedding, then, was an example of traditional outlook immersed in free-lifestyle surroundings.
Outfitted in this marvellous wedding gown and veil by Vera Wang, she was a young, formal lady on her wedding day.

And although not clearly seen in this picture, the gown was also strapless, rendering the innocent-looking Lavigne a fresh, sexy bride. She was all lady and sexy. Hers is rank number 8 on this list.

9 Liv Tyler

Liv Tylerwhen marrying Royston Langdon in their wedding reception on 25 April 2003
Having performed a noble character of Arwen Undómiel in all the three sequels of “The Lord of the Rings”, Liv Tyler found a soul mate in Royston Langdon, a British musician, and wed him on 25 March 2003 in an absolutely private, guest-free, ceremony in Barbados. The reception itself was held in New York City, precisely one month later.

To provide friends and families in the reception with an appearance of a bride, she put on a princess-silhouette wedding dress by Alexander McQueen, adorned with pink sandals that matched Langdon's tie.

The neckline of the dress was not extremely low, but it was low enough to show off a bit of cleavage and, combined with her hair style, brought out the sexy attribute of hers. Enhancing this sexy appeal was the appearance of her legs being dragged and impeded by the skirt cut just enough to provide leg room. On this list, she's the ninth sexiest bride.

10 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Joneswhen marrying Michael Douglas on 18 November 2000
Reckoned to have cost more than a million pounds, Catherine Zeta-Jones' wedding to Michael Douglas—celebrated at The Plaza Hotel, New York City—was reputed to be a fairytale one.
Despite this dream-come-true reputation, it was smeared by the million-pound litigation over unauthorised publication of their wedding photographs by Hello! magazine.

Not counting those multi million pounds in expenses and court battles, Zeta-Jones was still a breathtakingly sexy bride in this wedding. She might not have revealed all her sensual and sexy charms, but it was just enough design and cut of her wedding dress by David Emanuel to showcase the remaining stock of her abundance. She is a top ten sexy bride on this list.

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