Trash the Dress Photography

Trash the Dress Photography is an upcoming trend that is becoming ever more popular in the UK. It involves getting down and dirty in your wedding dress for some spectacular photos. Some of the most popular poses include getting in the sea or rolling about on the sand, 

jumping in pools or fountains, 
riding into the sunset on horseback, 
walking into the distance in over-grown fields.
Or throwing paint at one another.
Some women even set themselves on fire!
This trend is promoted as an alternative to storing the dress away to never be used again. In some cases the destruction of the dress symbolises the commitment to the marriage and the bride’s intention to never get married again. In cases where paint is used, it can symbolise the ‘becoming one’ by mixing the bride and grooms favourite colours, whilst getting some amazing action shots. 
For some, the idea of destroying the most important dress they’ve ever bought would be horrifying, especially when you may have spent a fair amount on it. If you have this in mind from the beginning then you will probably want to choose a less expensive dress. Here at Bride Heaven we have been thoroughly investigating this trend and have one recommendation; if you’re not going to enjoy it, don’t do it! The photo’s we’ve loved most are the ones where people look genuinely happy.
You can tell when the bride isn’t really feeling it, brides should look happy,
They should be comfortable and natural and not look like a corpse.
We don’t recommend posing next to a corpse either,
or drowning in the attempt.
Trash the dress photography is an exciting and artistic alternative to hoarding and storing. If you’re willing to do it then it’s a great opportunity to get some original photos and make some fun memories, but don’t do it if you don’t want to. You’ll only regret it.


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