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Bridal wedding traditions in the UK mean that the bride’s wedding dress will invariably be in white, the bridesmaids in a similar colour to ward off evil spirits (quite how that works, mind, is anyone’s guess).  It is considered unlucky for the groom to see his bride on the morning of the wedding, so she is looked after by her family and bridesmaids. Groom wedding traditions also mean the best man and male family will dress similar to the groom so evil spirits cannot recognise him – the fact that he might be standing next to the altar saying ‘I do’ is apparently beyond such spirits.


The best man is either lucky or unlucky enough to be in charge of the ring, which he will pass onto the groom before the vows. UK wedding traditions largely dictate that the wedding will take place in a church and be administered by a priest, though today this will often depend on the religions of the family as the UK holds increasingly broad cultural spheres within its coasts.




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