Unusual Wedding Venues

Unusual Wedding Venues

It has always been the norm and of course tradition to wed your beloved in a Church or a registry office. A wedding is forever claimed as the best day of a person’s life, the moment a new life starts with your one true love, your soul mate so it’s important to make this day special and personal to the happy couple.

Not all of us want a Cinderella themed wedding like Katie Price and Peter Andre but some of us like to break the rules with and go against the norm - the very best wedding packages uk are out there somewhere!


Tunnels Beaches, Devon

Tunnels beaches is a very unique location for a wedding to be held, it is not your usual beach side wedding which is what makes it so special. The location provides a secluded garden area that overlooks the beach, sea and coastal cliffs.

If you’re seeking paradise but don’t want to get married abroad then this is the closest you’re going to get – Here you’ll have the whole package and the only thing you’ll need to wish for is the weather to be on your side. It’s a spectacular location and who wouldn’t want to get married in a gazebo overlooking the sea? Or you can even opt for getting married in the tunnels. Whatever floats your boat!


Absolut Ice Bar, London


How about getting married in temperatures of minus 5 degrees? Sounds pretty bazaar and not many people can say that’s something they’ve done. The Icebar recently became the first venue in the big city of London to allow marriages in these temperatures! It certainly would make a picturesque wedding although a little bit chilly...





Disney Fairytale Wedding, Florida

You’d usually think that a Disney fairytale wedding would be kept in the memories of many children growing up... However you can actually live the dream! Getting married in Florida means you can have all the fun of a fairytale wedding yet sneak off to the white sandy beaches for a perfect, peaceful honeymoon.




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