Usher duties wedding (not Usher & Tameka Foster Wedding)

Usher duties wedding (not Usher & Tameka Foster Wedding)

Wedding Ushers should arrive at the wedding service venue at least an hour before the ceremony time scheduled or about half an hour before the groom.

Traditionally, the groom and best man choose the ushers, as the bride-to-be chooses her bridesmaids, although nowadays such decisions are often made jointly by the couple. If a groom has no brothers, for instance, but the bride has several, then they might well expect to be asked. Traditionally too the ushers are unmarried, though again people are increasingly doing their own thing. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of one usher per 50 guests is usually suggested.

Usher's duties:

  • Reserve enough seats at the front to accommodate the bride and groom's families, left and right.
  • Collect the order of service sheets ready to distribute to each guest or couple, making sure the vicar has a copy.
  • Enough extra order of service sheets should be left at the end of the front rows for the bridesmaids.
  • Wedding ushers distribute buttonholes to the friends and family who have not got their own (if available).
  • Form a greeting line on the left side of the wedding venue entrance and greet the wedding guests.
  • When the ushers greet the guests, advise them about any restrictions concerning confetti, photography, etc.
  • The chief wedding usher stands by the venue door and gives out the service sheets.
  • Before the bride and her father arrive ushers should take their place at the back of the church or venue.
  • Direct any late guests to the nearest seat.
  • After the ceremony ensure all guests have left to go to the reception and have not forgotten any of their property, before leaving yourself.

You may not know all your fellow ushers, so it's a good idea to get together beforehand and talk arrangements through with the best man. In practice, the occasion of the wedding rehearsal maybe the first available time to do this, but it's a conversation worth having -- let's face it, there won't have been much time to discuss practical matters on the stag night!  

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