Wedding Secrets – 5 Ways to Making the Most of Your Budget

Here are five top secret tips to financially surviving your wedding day

Choose an Unusual Day

99% of brides would tell you that the venue is going to be the most expensive part of your wedding and they would not be wrong. However, there is a clever way to still have the venue of your dreams but at a much more affordable price. By simply picking an unusual day, like a Sunday or a Tuesday, you can often save up to half of the venue costs. To stretch it even further, surveys have shown that weddings held in December time or at least winter, are significantly cheaper than those held in summertime. But be careful, pick a date that is too awkward and your guests might struggle to attend, as will the sunshine!

Friends and Photos

Having enough photos of your special day is always a necessity, but paying for a professional can often take a chunk out of your budget. So why not utilise your guests? It is becoming increasingly popular for the bride and grooms to have their friends or relatives help with the photography of their weddings. Not only does it provide many with the chance to be more involved with your special day, but it also allows you to make huge savings. At the very least you can provide the guests with disposable cameras at the reception!

Cutting cakes and costs

Being clever with your wedding cake can be one of the tastiest ways to save to money. Paying for wedding specialists in this field can cost a small fortune so try being innovative and quirky. Why not have three small cakes instead of one large one? Or perhaps try having a range of cupcakes so that guests can pick and choose. Don’t be surprised if it makes your special day even more memorable!

Haggle your way to victory

Although many dislike the idea of haggling or negotiating, it might just be the difference between having a great wedding and having the wedding of your dreams. Costly venues, dress shops and expensive caterers might give off the impression that there is no such thing as discounts, but if you push that little bit harder then small items can at least almost always be thrown in as extras. So remember - stay strong, stand your ground and negotiate!

Budgeting your Budget

This secret is fairy self-explanatory! Above all else, make sure the first thing you do is work out what your budget is going to be, then work within that number. If you put enough effort into planning your big day as much as possible, you will truly reap the rewards when the day finally arrives. Whatever you do, don’t forget that no matter how extravagant your wedding ideas are, when there’s a will, there’s a way!

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