Wedding DIY : things you can do yourself on a limited budget

Once you have worked out your budget, you may find that it is slightly short. You could cut out things you have always dreamed of, or you can pitch in and do some things yourself. It seems like it would be a lot of work, but it is not so bad. There are many many items that you can do yourself, and it will make your wedding an even more special event then before.

While making your own wedding cake is a not-so-good idea, making your own wedding favors can be a very generous gesture to show your guests just how much you appreciate them. The usual Jordan Almonds are inexpencive to buy at hobby stores and on the internet. Every fabric place sells lace doilies and even special cardboard favor-makers. They allow you to fill your pouch full of almonds in mere seconds. It will also be a great wy for you and yoru bridesmaids or groomsmen to bond in the shared experience.

If Jordan almonds are not your style, just visit a craft store. In its isles you will find ribbons, flowers, boxes and jars. Perhaps little bells with ribbon bows are your idea of a great favor. Or perhaps you are having a spring wedding and would like to present tiny bags of wild-flower seeds to your guests. Home-made chocolates are everyone’s favors as well.

Another fun set of things you could do yourself is decorations. Flowers purchased in bulk rather then as centerpieces are much less expensive. Bows made by you and your future mother in law are just as pretty and allow you to become better friends with her. Glass bowls filled with pretty stones and a candle are also always pretty.

You can also make your own dress, your bridesmaids’ dresses and other needed fancy clothing. However this takes some skill and is only advised for people who are good at sewing. You can also make the gifts for your attendants. A hand-made gift will show how much you appreciate their help with your wedding.

If you are skilled with layouts and images, you could make your own wedding invitations. You could even send them out electronically. But even if you do want the traditional paper kind, you could still do so yourself. At a local craft store you can find beautiful paper, and tissue paper. Stamps and wax seals and fancy markers and pens. You can have the invitation of your dream this way, with no compromises needed.

So as you can see, there re many places to cut corners without cutting quality. There are many places where you can save money, and to bond with your wedding party. And as always, this is a way to have fun.

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