Wedding superstitions from wedding cake to tossing the bouquet

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important and special days of your entire life. Generally, weddings are highly anticipated and planned months or even years in advance. Much care is taken to ensure that every single detail is just right. From the decorations and flowers, to the music, wedding vows, food and cake - every bride wants everything to be perfect. There are many time-honored traditions that are generally observed (or at least considered) in the wedding planning process. Some of these are very important, (such as the exchanging of vows and wedding bands) and others are more lighthearted - such as the tossing of the bride's bouquet. Whether you are superstitious or not, some of the more lighthearted wedding traditions may appeal to you.

The Wedding Cake

The origins of the wedding cake are rich in symbolic history. One version is where guests would have thrown wheat at the bride who would carry stalks of wheat in her bouquet. The wheat was then picked up and eaten. Later bakers decided to use the wheat to make cakes and biscuits. Another version goes back to Ancient Greece where cake was thrown at the married couple rather as way we throw confetti today. In both instances the wheat is supposed to symbolise fertility. Today's three tier Wedding Cake is said to be based on the unusual shape of the spire of Saint Bride's Church in London. Traditionally the newly-weds should make the first cut to signify sharing their life.

First on the dance floor

During the evening celebrations, the bride and groom traditionally dance on their own first to a waltz. However, as ballroom dancing is not so popular these days, the newlyweds usually dance to a favourite romantic song. During the playing of this song, it is traditional for the groom to dance with his new mother-in-law and then with his mother, while the bride dances with her new father-in-law and then with her father. The best man also joins in dancing with the chief bridesmaid and the ushers with the other bridesmaids when the bride and groom first change. It is more common now for bride and groom to dance on their own to the first dance and their guests to be invited to join them on the dance floor after the first dance for another romantic song.

Tossing the Bouquet

The origin of tossing the bouquet comes from where the maiden would walk from her shack/hut to the shrine. In her hands she would carry a bouquet consisting of parsley, dill weed, oregano and garlic.
The bouquet was deemed to ward off evil spirits while on her way to wed, as the bouquet captured all the evil spirits once the maiden was married it was no longer needed and she tossed it away. Christianity changed it to good spirits and therefore any maids not married wanted to have that good luck so there became the scramble to obtain the good spirits. Later this changed to the maid that caught the bouquet would be the next to marry.

There are hundreds of superstitions out there, and they will always be a part of the wedding tradition. When they are being thrown at you, just relax. Keep in mind that you are about to get married, and it is the marriage that is important.  Some are silly and some are romantic. The important thing to remember is that you should hold onto the ones that hold a special place in your heart, and not the ones that keep getting tossed at you as your day approaches.






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