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weddings in nigeriaAccording to old customs, women did not have much say in whom they married- and they still don't in some places. That's one good thing about a compound(many wives): support is built in, whereas in modern Western society some people spend quite a lot of money finding "support groups". Modern educated women, of course, now have careers and are choosy about whom they marry. The "bride price" a man pays may be a sum of money to set the woman up in business. Modern women are generally in no hurry to get married.

Before the marriage, the groom does the "wine-carrying ceremony". This is when the man and his family takes wine to his bride-to-be's family and both families are formally introduced to each other, and the couples desire to get married each other is made known. If you want to oppose the union this is the time to speak up. The wedding date and the bride-price are also set at this meetings.

Weddings in Lagos Nigeria

There are so many Nigerians living in different parts of the world needing help with their weddings in Nigeria and abroad or need genuine unbiased information.

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