Welsh Wedding Traditions

It might be surprising to some, but Welsh wedding traditions are very different to UK wedding traditions – and indeed even in a country that has historically had no more than a million people (now up to just over 3 million) it is amazing to find such diversity between different areas of the Welsh nation in wedding customs alone. If you’re looking for Welsh wedding ideas that bridge the gap of tradition and modernity then look no further. And if you’re looking for a bit of a chuckle, read on too – there’s plenty of interest here!

Welsh Wedding Traditions – Welsh Wedding Dresses

Don’t worry grooms – the Welsh wedding dresses are pretty much the same traditionally as English or even more widespread ones. A custom generally observed is attaching a pin to the bride’s wedding dress that she will remove after being wed and throw over her shoulder for good luck. I’m not sure it’s such good luck for anyone unaware behind her. You may also want to attach a daffodil to the dress to give it a Welsh flavour but the normal white wedding dress is usually worn in today’s Welsh weddings.

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