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Arising from the region of Cardiganshire is a pleasantly quaint Welsh wedding tradition. How many families actual continue this practice is unknown, probably very few, but if you want a good ol’ traditional Cymru wedding you should step up and restart this fantastic custom.

One might not put this Welsh wedding tradition quite as bluntly as some, but it essentially cumulates in the kidnapping of the bride by her own family. Fortunately for the sake of the bride’s well being, and indeed the family once the prank is done, this does not involve a ransom or any such demands – I’m not sure this would have survived amongst the more sane Welsh Wedding customs otherwise.

The “kidnapping” follows a peculiar set sequence of events which begins with the negotiation of entry to the bride’s house, and then the disguising of the bride as an old crone holding a child in the corner (or usually anyway – it is seen as a symbol of fertility and good luck), though the conspicuity of a set disguise known by the bridegroom might be undermined a little by this. Upon being escorted to the Welsh Wedding, the bride is snatched from the arms of her fiancé by her family and carted off, only to be married upon her rescue by the heroic and possibly quite sweaty bridegroom. All the wedding-goers have a good chuckle with each other and when the return the serious stuff can start. At least no-one can say Welsh wedding customs are boring…

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