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Smiling brideAh, weddings. It's so wonderful to attend and share in that most special moment of the bride and groom, that time which shall stay with them their whole lives through. No other event is so special. Unless, of course, you have to plan all that specialness, in which case, weddings are a pain in the backside. And if you are the designated planner, it isn't just all those flowers, cakes, songs to choose. You also have to schedule all the various speeches recited by the best man, the maid of honor, the father of the bride, and anyone else who might wish to expound on this day of all days.

Wedding Speeches Ebook has collected examples of every type of wedding speech and toast (as well as speeches for many other notable occasions). Francesco always adds new and different speeches to the database. When you find yourself in a jam, let Francesco's ebook help you figure it out!

Your wedding speeches

Toasts and speeches usually begin at the end of the reception dinner while coffee and cake is being served.
It is important to choose a good speechmaker who is fluent and entertaining and, most importantly, one who will keep it brief. The speechmaker should be someone you trust - someone who won't make you blush, or embarrass you with stories of past relationships you'd rather forget - someone who won't be long, boring and irrelevant.

Choose someone with good delivery who won't be overcome with nerves and who can hold the attention of your guests for maximum of five minutes.

Over 720 UK wedding venues

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Get over 10,000 example speeches !

The content of this ebook is derived from wedding speeches posted on the web. We have got a tool that selects thousands speeches each month to be included into our Database.


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