Why you need a wedding insurance

Don’t forget wedding insurance when you’re planning your wedding. The average cost of a wedding is now over £17,000*, so it really does make sense to get your wedding insurance as soon as you set a date, make bookings, and start paying deposits.

Of course, you don’t have to spend that much to have a fantastic wedding. But even if you don’t, you’re still likely to buy the most expensive dress, outfits, or meal you’ll ever buy.

So no matter what venue you choose, or where in the world you get married, our wide-ranging wedding insurance can cover everything from cakes to cancellations, and cars to carnations. According to a recent survey, the top five wedding insurance claims are:

  1. Damage to the wedding dress, jewellery or outfits
  2. Cancellation
  3. Problems with the venue
  4. Problems with suppliers, such as caterers and cars
  5. Damage to photographs

Who Needs Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is completely optional. In fact, many brides and grooms don't get any insurance to guard against problems on the big day. Couples planning a small, inexpensive wedding don't necessarily benefit from insurance, while other couples have high risk tolerance and are willing to take whatever comes without insurance.

For many couples, however, insurance is a valuable part of the wedding planning process that enables them to invest money well in advance of the wedding without worrying about vendors going out of business, photographer no-shows, weather crises that might prevent the reception from happening, or sudden military deployment forcing a change of the wedding date.

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